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  • Chief Engineer Office: Technician (Three Persons)
  • [2017-05-31]
  • Chief Engineer Office: Technician (Three Persons)

    1. Technology Coordination Department (One Person):  Mainly responsible for award evaluation、technology coordination and applying green construction technologies; 
    2. Technology Management Department (One Person): Mainly responsible for handling daily engineering work, managing working drawings and handling on-site technical issues, collecting and organizing related technical standards and procedures, technical standards for construction of "Sponge Cities” and industrialization of construction (prefabricated construction building) and so on;
    3. Technological Innovation Department (One Person): Mainly responsible for participating in the development of BIM technology, preparation for the development of the corporate technology center and corporate qualification upgrade technologies, decisions on construction methods and applying for patents, participating in formulating national and industry standards.

    1. college degree or above majoring in engineering management (construction, municipal, road and bridge), engineering technology and organization or related areas within the discipline of civil engineering;
    2. Ability to use BIM software;
    3. Strong sense of responsibility and commitment to work.

    Please send your CV to: hr@chanhigh.com.hk

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